At this stage all of our high quality beats are on a non-exclusive lease only.

Non Exclusive Lease Agreement


The Licensee is referring to “You” or “Licencee”.
The Producer is referred to as “The Producer” or “Beatmakers”
“Recorded song” ,”Commercial Song” or “recording” refers to the song recorded on the instrumental being leased.
Beat is referred to as “Beat” or “Instrumental”.

When you click the “Buy Now” button, you agree to the following terms.

1. The Licensee is allowed to sell no more than 5000 copies of the recording on this beat. If you want to sell more copies, then you would need to renew this Licence.

2. The Producer maintains all copyright of the instrumental. The buyer is not allowed to use the instrumental for commercial purposes. The Licensee is not allowed to resell the instrumental. The Licensee is only allowed to sell the song that has been recorded to the beat.

3. The Licensee is allowed to use the recorded song for albums, single releases, shows (performances), mixtapes and music videos. The Licensee is not allowed to use the recording for radio airplay, TV, commercial broadcasting, or streaming on any streaming service platforms (e.g. Tidal, Spotify).
If the Licensee needs to have the works streamed or have radio airplay, copyright needs to be divided equally between the songwriter(s) and Beatmakers. If TV or Movies are involved, the Licensee must contact The Producer regarding a separate fee and agreement.

4. Further to the commercial responsibilities of the Licensee, if the recorded song is published by any publishing company (e.g. BMI, SONY) or any royalty collection agencies (e.g. ASCAP, APRA),
The Producer has to be credited with a royalty split equal to the number of writers and Beatmakers.
Royalty split in the copyright of the recorded song will include Khesrow Rasta and Patrick Crowley along with the songwriter(s).

If another producer has contributed to the production of the Instrumental, they will be credited in the title of the beat in the beat player that appears on the K.Rasta Beats website. In this instance, the royalty split will be: Khesrow Rasta, Patrick Crowley, the Songwriter(s) and the other producer.

5. If The Producer uses any sample in the creation of the Instrumental, it is your responsibility to have the sample(s) cleared.
The Producer has the responsibility to let you know if a sample is being used and where that sample came from.

6.The Licensee is allowed to add to or include any other instrumentation to The Instrumental. The Licensee is responsible for any extra instrumentation that is used including the payment of additional musicians, including the clearance of any samples.

7. Licensee will receive a mix down mp3 of the instrumental.

8. On the release of any commercial song recorded on the instrumental, production credits must include K.Rasta or K.Rasta and the name of the other producer / Beatmaker involved in the creation of the Instrumental.